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DSP (Digital Signal Processing) 

Passive crystal oscillators require the assistance of a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) master chip oscillator to generate an oscillation circuit. In general, passive crystal oscillators need to be matched with external capacitors for use. The accuracy of output frequency is related to the matching of external capacitors, and is also susceptible to the influence of peripheral stray circuits.

The active crystal oscillator does not require an internal oscillator of the DSP main control chip, and the connection method is relatively simple, without the need for matching capacitors.

The frequency signal is relatively stable, avoiding the problem of frequency offset caused by poor matching of external capacitors, and also greatly reducing the interference of stray signals on the circuit board.

Therefore, in terms of performance and circuit matching, the advantages of active crystal oscillators are still very obvious.

For circuit applications that require sensitivity to frequency signals, Jingkexin recommends using active crystal oscillators as they can achieve higher accuracy and stability, such as temperature compensated crystal oscillators with an accuracy of ±0.1ppm.

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